Fitting Instructions

Standard Kits

  • Change leads one at a time, starting from the longest, to ensure proper firing sequence is maintained.
  • Push plug end on firmly and ensure a good connection is made. The terminal should 'click' over spark plug. Experience has shown that many failures occur from terminals incorrectly connected at either the spark plug end or the distributor/coil end. (See fig.1 and fig.2)
  • Push distributor and coil end carefully, ensuring a positive connection is made. When installing right angle distributor and/or coil ends, trapped air may need to be bled from the┬ádistributor/coil socket to ensure the boot stays on. Slip a┬áthin screw driver or similar inside the neck of the boot to release trapped air. Be careful not to damage the boot. (See fig.3)

Multi-Valve Kits

  • When replacing integral cap and lead sets it is important to also check and/or change the rotor button.
  • If the tube assembly keeps 'popping off' the plug after installation, then check that the vent hole in the top cavity cover is unblocked. Pass a piece of thin wire through this hole to remove any blockages.
  • Ensure no water or oil is in the plug chambers, as this will cause the tube assembly to break down or deteriorate.
  • Always replace the spark plugs with correct type and size, as varying profiles will prevent leads fitting correctly.

Helpful Tips

  • Never work on the electrical system when the ignition is on or the engine is running. Ignition voltages can be lethal.
  • Always pull the leads by the boot and not the cable. Do not try to remove the boots off the lead as it may damage terminals and conductor inside the cable.
  • Keep cable and boots well clear of the exhaust manifold and other "hot spots".
  • Keep leads away from all metal parts to reduce electrical discharge and breakdowns.
  • If leads appear to spark or glow, this may only be a corona phenomenon. Corona is caused by climatic conditions. Cleaning leads with methylated spirits can reduce corona, otherwise the effect is harmless.
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