Top Gun Premium

Modern engines operate at higher temperatures than ever before. This combined with a more congested engine compartment, places extreme stress on all parts found in the engine bay. This is especially true for ignition leads, which are often located in the most hostile environment of all. To help overcome these problems, Top Gun Premium Ignition Lead Kits are manufactured from the very best materials to the most exacting tolerances.

  • Top Gun Premium 5mm, 7mm & 8mm Ignition Leads feature a stainless steel spiral wound core.This type of cable delivers excellent spark plug power and is designed for applications where heavy demands are placed upon the electrical system (reduces the amount of miss-fire that can occur in heavily loaded engines).
  • Top Gun Premium 5mm, 7mm & 8mm Ignition Leads are excellent for igniting both lean and rich fuel mixtures as well as LPG applications (the voltage required to ignite LPG is approximately 20-30% higher than petrol.
  • Top Gun Premium 5mm, 7mm & 8mm Ignition Leads are made from premium grade temperature enhanced silicone. This material can endure temperatures of up to 250ÂșC.
  • Top Gun Premium 5mm, 7mm & 8mm Ignition Cable features a double layer of silicone to ensure integrity of electrical insulation and feature a reinforced fibre glass braid interwoven between these two layers, providing enhanced longitudinal strength.
  • Where applicable Top Gun Premium 5mm & 7mm Multi-Valve Ignition Leads Kits come with spark plug & distributor/coil boots that closely resemble the original factory fitted kit.

  • Top Gun Premium Kits fit and perform perfectly. Top Gun Leads are backed with a 2 Year/50,000 km replacement warranty.

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