Lead Resistance

How to Measure Lead Resistance

To check resistance of a standard lead using a multimeter, set the multimeter to the 20K Ohms (=20,000) range and measure the resistance of the cable (i.e. terminal to terminal). The result will be displayed in K Ohms, which means that the actual resistance of the cable is the figure displayed multiplied by 1,000. Sometimes spurious results can come from a flat multimeter battery and/or dirty multimeter probes.

Typical Original Equipment (OE) Leads

Many original equipment leads are manufactured to the generally recognised 16K Ohms per metre length. This is the meaning of R16 stamped often on the lead.

TOP GUN Standard

5mm, 7mm & 8mm Spiral Wire Ignition Leads (TG Kits)


Top Gun standard ‘spiral wire’ leads are designed to have a lineal resistance of approx. 6,000 Ohms (+/- 10%) per metre length*. 6,000 Ohms per metre is recognised by the industry as the desired resistance level for normal / everyday street use, including LPG applications.

* NB resistance is quoted per metre length and longer leads will have higher resistance than shorter leads.

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