Miscellaneous Ignition Lead Problems

Burnt Spark Plug Boots

Keep boots well clear of the exhaust manifold and other ‘hot spots’.


Burnt Ignition Leads

Keep cable well clear of the exhaust manifold and other ‘hot spots’.


Terminals Pulling Off

Always pull the leads by the boot and not the cable. Do not try to remove the boots off the lead as it may damage terminals and conductor inside the cable.


Rodent Attack

Drought conditions and lack of food have caused rodents to seek alternate food and warm living conditions.


Voltage Flash Over

Some engines are prone to misfire problems caused by voltage leakage across the surface of the spark plug ceramic. Voltage ‘flash over’ is seen in an etched mark down the side of the spark plug ceramic and scorching inside the spark plug boot. We recommend both spark plug leads and spark plugs are replaced. Spark plug gaps may need to be reduced.


Chemical Attack

Ensure no cleaning agents (degreaser) are sprayed directly onto the cable or boots. If battery acid is spilled onto leads it is important to wash all acid off immediately, failure to do so will cause leads to split and fail.


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